Welcome to Umezushi Omakase

“omakase” literally translates to  “I leave it up to you”

Umezushi had tried to be many things. Many things we were and many things we weren’t. It’s a bit like myself, jack of all trades but master of none. Through making mistakes, it helped me to start seeing what Umezushi could be. In this iteration, Umezushi is going to focus on expression and connection, the two elements that I found most rewarding from the Umezushi journey so far. Our ethos had always been serving food that we would love to eat ourselves. Although it remained true for us, we weren’t focusing on it as the business grew. Processes and standardisation took place as our team size and customer base increasing. As we got busier, we couldn’t connect with each customer as much as we would like to. Umezushi Omakase is an attempt to revive and highlight these two elements in its heart.