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What to expect?

  • Umezushi Omakase is not intended to be a restaurant. It’s best viewed as an experience delivered through food on a restaurant-like stage.
  • We aim to have on average 2 opening nights per month, normally Saturdays.
  • New dining slots are released at the end of the month before. E.g. December slots will be released at the end of October.
  • Each ticket will have an indication of the format of the menu but not the exact menu. The menu may not always include sushi.
  • Be open mind and be prepared to be challenged!
  • Don’t be shy in giving feedback. (Talk to us or write to us. We can only improve if we know what’s wrong.)
  • We don’t intend to have more public membership release once this round is finished. We prefer to give a small number of people a great experience rather than many people a mediocre experience.