It's simple! All you need to do is to join our membership by following this link.
Simply follow this link and purchase the 6-month membership: Please be sure to read the simple terms and conditions.
Currently, we have planned and released omakase nights and chef's lockdown platters for existing members. In the pipeline, we are working on the logistics for private chef service when we are allowed to. We are also actively engaging with our members to tell us what other services we could provide.
Sadly not yet, as this is an unconventional approach and we would not want to over-promise and under-delivery. We feel that 6 month is something that we can confidently delivery. It may change in the future as we iterate through the concept and make the concept more sustainable and robust.
Our response is similar to the one regarding the membership length. Again, instead of enrolling a large number of members and not being able to have a proper connection with everyone. We would prefer to keep our member group small and focused.
Yes, membership can be cancelled at any time, and the remaining duration of the membership will be refunded to the nearest week.
Yes, as long as there are availabilities on our website. Due to the physical restriction, we can only accommodate parties with a maximum size of 4 people for the sushi omakase per slot. there may be special events which allow for larger party size, and it will be reflected on the reservation page.
Due to the nature of the omakase menu and cooking methods adopted, while we will try our best, we are unable to commit to any specific dietary requirements.
It varies. The usual format will most likely consist of soups, sashimi, nigiri, something grilled, seared, and/or friend. We are also planning on doing some themed events, such as crustacean feasts, seafood boil, etc. Just depends on how we feel.
The current omakase menu on offer is priced at £100 per person which includes food and tea. This may vary depends on the menu planned.
The lockdown platter costs £60 per platter. It usually consists of a selection around 20 pieces of sashimi and nigiri, which might include salmon, different cuts of tuna, sea bream, sea bass, hamachi, scallop, wagyu, unagi, and some more exotic ingredients such as geoduck clam, sea urchin, abalone. But they all subject to availability.
This is something I am actively exploring. It would not be possible during the current social restriction but hopefully, I will be able to release some availabilities once this social restriction is lifted.
I am in the process of turning our internal training manual into a basic sushi chef A-Z course, which will be released as independent classes that can be booked through Kitchen In An Arch, our sister project.
We are slowly listing all of our ingredients onto our sister project - Kitchen In An Arch. In the meantime, if you have any special request, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will try my best to source them if available.