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COVID-19 Strategy

For our customer and staff’s well being, we will implement the following measure:

  • Wear masks inside the premises and only to take off the masks when fully seated
  • Apply sanitiser when entering the premises
  • Check-in using either our in-house app or NHS QR code
  • We may take your body temperature with a contactless thermometer on entry. If your temperature is higher than 37.8 Celsius, we are required to turn you away. In this unfortunate event, you will be able to rebook using existing balance.
  • No combining of tables
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How does Omakase work?

  • The menu is decided by the chef (most likely myself, Terry). You are welcome to order additional items during your meal, of course. (Order via our tablets or your phones)
  • There are 5 dining seats, and each guest has up to 1 hour at the dining seat. We may reallocate you to another seat at the end of your meal. We have other seatings for you to enjoy your pre-meal or post-meal drinks and socialising.

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What to expect?

  • Umezushi Omakase is not intended to be a restaurant. It’s best viewed as an experience delivered through food on a restaurant-like stage.
  • We aim to have on average 2 opening nights per month, normally Saturdays.
  • New dining slots are released at the end of the month before. E.g. December slots will be released at the end of October.
  • Each ticket will have an indication of the format of the menu but not the exact menu. The menu may not always include sushi.
  • Be open mind and be prepared to be challenged!
  • Don’t be shy in giving feedback. (Talk to us or write to us. We can only improve if we know what’s wrong.)
  • We don’t intend to have more public membership release once this round is finished. We prefer to give a small number of people a great experience rather than many people a mediocre experience.